SALTA Cream Onyx Napkings Holder (set of 4)
USD 220 .-
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Salta province is called the beautiful, and this adjective introduces us to its profound beauty. Its fertile valleys, windy desert, colorful mountains and blue sky are the images that led us to design our largest collection. It has pure and contemporary lines, a classic vision but with modern design. The chosen materials are alpaca and onyx that, with its quality, exalt the variety of forms and uses of the objects of this collection.

This varied line of airedelsur is made up of trays, champagne buckets, ice buckets, pitchers, boxes, coasters, napkin rings, flower vases, candlesticks, bookends, boards, picture frames, sugar bowls, cream pitchers, candle holders, lamps, jars and candy box.

Materiales: alpacametal and cream onyx Tamaños: 6 x 1.5” cm // 2.3" x 0.5” 
CERRO Rectangular Tray
USD 150 - 210

CERRO Square Tray
USD 120 - 160

CERRO Round Tray
USD 140 - 180

USD 170

CERRO Creamer
USD 150

JUJUY Rectangular Tray
USD 380 - 1290

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