What are the payment methods available?
Payment can be made by:
-Market Payment: PODES with participating banks to pay in 12 installments without interest.
-Payment Easy
Payment -Rapi
-PayPal For payments from abroad


What is the cost of shipping?
Shipping is included in the final price of the product

What is the estimated delivery time?
Delivery time can vary between 10 and 30 working days depending on the delivery address.

-does Be delivered to a different address than the one registered?
You can specify an address different than the registration for the buying process user delivery.

If not there is ever anyone at the time of delivery ...
The Postal Service will make 2 attempts to deliver new, if still no response in receiving the product back to our warehouse and turn to communicate to schedule a new delivery.

'Can someone get my order?
Yes, as long as the person receiving the order present their identity.

Why he manages the company sent?
The company responsible for shipments AIREDELSUR is DHL.

How to track the shipment is done?
If you go on my orders section, you can view the status of your orders.


I need to change the product ... how you can effect change? Calls for change through Customer or mail contact. -After Apply for product change ... How long does it take? The estimated time is 10-30 business days.


Step 1- The change requested by Customer or mail contact. Step 2 To preserve the product status, it is necessary to follow the following steps: -Save The product on the box or in the original packaging. And in the bag or box in the mail that you received the package. - The product should have the appropriate labels.

After requesting the change, the estimated time is 10-30 business days.


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