Marcelo Lucini belongs to a traditional family in the world of finance. That was his environment, however, his creativity leads him to always be very close to art and architecture. Lover of unique spaces and objects, he has an idea, which is determined to make it a reality. In 2000 he designed and produced the first objects that shaped his idea of ​​bringing the magic of the elements of South America to the world. And it quickly captures iconic customers who fall in love with this original proposal. The presenter Oprah Winfrey, and the queen of Jordan, Rania, are among her first clients. Then many others came, such as designer Tory Burch, and stylist Rachel Zoe, and also Joan Rivers.

The seduction of the mix of natural materials of our land with its mountains, plains, and deserts reinterpreted by the design of Marcelo and his team, together with the skill of local artisans, make each AIREDELSUR object unique. Semiprecious stones, marbles, noble metal alloys merge with various organic components. The balance between the native and design trends are the soul of our brand.


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